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Reverend Mark Pearce 

About Mark

The Rev Mark Pearce was born in Malaysia where his parents were missionaries with Church Missionary Society.  At a young age he moved back to Australia to their family home in Surrey Hills.  St George’s Mont Albert became their home church.  St George’s holds fond memories for Mark, especially the wonderful Sunday School teachers who supported and encouraged him in his journey of faith.  In 1979 Mark was confirmed at Holy Trinity.


After receiving a call to ministry as a young child, Mark commenced theological study at Ridley College, and was ordained Deacon in 1998, and Priest in 1999; both in Bendigo. 


He has served in the Dioceses of Bendigo, Tasmania, and for the last 17 years in Melbourne.  Motorsport Chaplaincy has been a significant part of Mark’s ministry over the last 25 years, and he is currently the Australian Grand Prix (F1) Chaplain.


A love of gardening, art, and the outdoors sees Mark busy during his spare time.


A love of the Scriptures and a desire to encourage others to read the Word of God inspires Mark in his ministry.  For him there is nothing better than to see people growing in their faith through the reading of the Bible.


We have a God who is alive, active, and doing great things.  Come and join us at Holy Trinity and see what God is doing!

Art by Mark

Our Vicar, Mark enjoys drawing and painting – a great way to relax and unwind.

In 2023 Mark was awarded the Pastel Society of Victoria John Withers Scholarship for

emerging pastel artists.

Mark often utilizes his paintings as complimentary illustrations in email posts to Parishioners.

Here is a small sample of some of Mark’s work

Our Parish Leaders

At Holy Trinity we have a great team of people who work behind the scenes to ensure we remain a vibrant and welcoming community as we serve God and the community. Each of our leaders have been called and commissioned to serve in various roles.


Please pray for them and they lead and guide us all.

Our Parish Team


The Rev Mark Pearce        


Director of Music 

Richard Hoy   


Leslie Gibbons                              


Parish Office Administrator

Claire Morris                             


Treasures and Tastes at Trinity Coordinator

Natasha Kuperman


Leonie Omond

Di Weetman


Parish Council Secretary

Kaye Ives


Parish Treasurer

Nigel Cooper


Parish Council

Valerie Dowsey

Leslie Gibbons

Stephen Green

Sally James

Getting in Contact

If you would like to get in contact one of our dedicated members of the Parish Leadership team, please reach out via email or phone.


Phone: 03 9890 2165

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