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Family and Children at Holy Trinity 

Family Communion Service

2024 will be an exciting time in our parish as we continue to grow our ministry with families and young people.


We are transitioning the Kid’s Church to our monthly ‘Family Communion Service’.


The ‘Family Communion Service’ will be on the first Sunday of the month during school terms. Our children will be helping lead parts of the service, and there will be activities for them that follow the theme of the day.

In 2024, our overall theme for the ‘Family Communion Service’ will be ‘Getting to Know Jesus in 2024’.

Together, we will look at:

              Jesus, as a boy

              Jesus, as a young man

              Jesus starts his new job

              Jesus, the teacher

              Jesus, the healer

              Jesus and prayer

              Jesus, the leader

              How did Jesus’ birth change the world?

Family and Child at Holy Trinity Events 

Youth Group the third Sunday of the month, in term time

Parish Harvest Festival on September 1

Pet Service on October 6

Safety of your Children

The safety of your children is extremely important to the Parish team at Holy Trinity. We strictly follow the Dioceses' safety policies and standards to ensure the safety of your children. To read the Dioceses' safety policies please click on the link below.

If you have any questions please contact Rev Mark Pearce on 0407 326 894

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