Study Groups

Discussions on selected topics throughout the year, including our Lenten Studies.

Fr Ian Morrison
Mar 12, 2018

Genesis 12.1-12 What we often forget is that Abraham had not one but two sons, and that he was called on to sacrifice both of them. This week’s story, found in Genesis 21.1–21, is the story of Abraham
Ian Morrison
Mar 5, 2018

Genesis 15. Is God really travelling this journey with you, and will God be there at the end? You might begin to wonder whether God’s promises can be relied on and whether this journey really has a po
Fr Ian Morrison
Feb 22, 2018

Our study groups for Lent will meet each Wednesday at 11.15am in the John English Room and at 7.30pm in the Vicarage or you can join us by commenting here on-line at any time, but especially during th
Fr Ian Morrison
Mar 6, 2018

Genesis 18.1-15 How does God ‘show up’ in your life? Our story for week three of Lent is one in which God ‘shows up’ for Abraham. Actually, it is a feature of the Abraham stories that he meets and spe
Ian Morrison
Feb 26, 2018

Genesis 12.1-18 There are many points at which the Abraham’s story resonate strongly with the New Testament and might resemble, resonate with or challenge your own story. [1]Would you recognise a cal